The Gray Climate

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The film focuses on the Consumption statistics of an average American covering, Food, Goods, Shelter and Transportation.
In conclusion the current level of consumption will require 4 earths,  which we do not have.
Aarushi was inspired by the documentary Human Footprint by National Geographic.    
Director : Aarushi Khan
2013 : 2013
Country : India

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Le 23/06/2015, Akhil à ecrit :

Amazing movie Arushi...

Le 20/06/2015, Rahul à ecrit :

great movie

Le 20/06/2015, Zafar Khan à ecrit :

It is a great movie Aarushi. The hardwork you have put in is clearly visible. All the Best. 10/10

Le 19/06/2015, à ecrit :

Best of luck

Le 19/06/2015, Zaid Rabbani à ecrit :

Good luck...

Le 19/06/2015, Ashish Sharma à ecrit :

Very well done Aarushi :) keep going !

Le 19/06/2015, venkatesan à ecrit :

All d best

Le 19/06/2015, kartik joshi à ecrit :

i vote 10/10

Le 18/06/2015, Dr. Safikur Rahman à ecrit :

Nice thought...

Le 18/06/2015, nadeem à ecrit :

Great work...u gona win...

Le 17/06/2015, Soham Bhattacharyya à ecrit :

Good work! Thoughtful and expressive.

Le 17/06/2015, uzair khan à ecrit :

All the best.. Great job

Le 17/06/2015, Sourav Anand à ecrit :

So nice like it

Le 17/06/2015, Aaqib à ecrit :

Brilliant attempt. All the best!

Le 17/06/2015, shoaib à ecrit :

It was very informative video. Nice one!!

Le 16/06/2015, The team à ecrit :

Thank you for your participation :-)

Le 16/06/2015, sadiq à ecrit :

We are so happy to have our film selected.

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