Ecological transition


Anglais, espagnol, français - 75mn


Ed is commissioned a documentary intending to change the habits of society that are detrimental to animals. But completely alien to the animal-loving culture; he will realize that to carry out the project, he must first convince himself.


The process of documentation and filming of the documentary and the conversations with Jenny, a collaborator of the animal foundation that commissioned the film, will serve to contrast his doubts and to look for answers about veganism and in general, how to live in a manner that is more responsible with animals.


A series of new precepts that will affect the way he eats, dresses, consumes and even spends his free time, and which will clash with his immediate surroundings: family, friends and crew.


A project that will change his way of living forever. Or perhaps not...


Please note the full version of this film is not available in Spain


Director's statement

Using the director as the thread, this is a a documentary about the approach that any member of the general public would have towards a subject such as veganism.


Doubts are agents of change and we think that, if the world were to ask more questions, it would be a better place. Moreover, diversity of opinions is a great wealth for society and we want to contribute to this diversity by waving consciences and offering points of view that make people rethink their habits.


Rather than showing explicit images, the documentary aims to provide information and give the keys for people to reflect about our relationship with other animals.




Why this choice?

At last a lively and friendly film that asks the right questions about our relationships with animals; it never shows shocking images, but it does bring up all the abuses and aberrations of how animals are used in our way of life.


It is neither extremist nor a guilt trip as it starts from a “carnivore’s” point of view with little concern for the animal condition; this film reviews all the facts and numbers about animals and presents a track record.

Up to the viewer to decide…


Type : Documentary
Director : Ed Antoja
Production : La Diferencia & FAADA
Year : 2017
Country : Spain
Contact :
Website :

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Syler Félicitation pour la prise de conscience que vous donnez.
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