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A portrait of Patrice Fortier, artist and seed-grower, a man who puts his passion and know-how at the service of saving our vegetables’ biodiversity.


He likes beets, the solid varieties that don’t mind the wind. He also likes a plant to be autonomous.

He scans carrots with the same patience and precision he puts in getting his gourds’ seeds. Sometimes he dreams of a cherry tree with a DNA he could pass on.

Let’s not forget his pride in showing his Polish Swedes…


Patrice Fortier is not a mad man but a true lover!

Set up at the Plant Society, located in the plain of Kamouraska farming land, he preserves and refreshes rare and forgotten seeds to give a new life and richness to the vegetables’ heritage.

Director's statement

What interested me in shooting this film, other than the cinematographic inspiration of the garden and the metaphor that is his microcosm, was talking about saving our vegetables’ diversity with a person who carries this mission with panache.


Patrice Fortier is a sower of ideas who carries many dreams. I eased myself into his universe with curiosity and respect, taking the time to discover him following the rhythm of the seasons. The film shows him like an archetype, a daily hero who lives in synergy with his plant creatures.


It felt natural to prefer an “artisan” type of moviemaking, typical of Quebec direct cinema’s tradition to accompany Patrick.

I wanted to emphasize the sacred and patrimonial aspect of his work and wanted the camera to catch every one of the different steps.


In the old days, the farmers planted the seeds coming from their harvests. This ancestral gesture is disappearing nowadays, as seeds get their own patent!

I wanted to celebrate the gestures of the sower to bring them back up to date and remind people that today, replanting a seed is an act of resistance.

Why this choice?

This is a poetic film about an out of the ordinary character, half artist, half-seed bank.

As we share his world and his daily life, this passionate, something of a poet has us discover the treasures and incredible diversity of plants, fruits and vegetables that we have forgotten and that he is trying to bring back to life.



Awards :

BEST FILM Food For Real Film Festival Awards, Liverpool (UK) - 2015

BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM - Washington DC International Film Festival (DCIFF) (USA) -2015

GRAND PRIX CANADIEN DU JURY - Les Percéïdes (Québec, CANADA) - 2014

PRIX ARTISTIQUE - Festival de Films sur l'Environnement de Portneuf Québec (CANADA) - 2014


Type : Documentary
Director : Julie PERRON
Production : Les Productions des Films de l'Autre
Year : 2013
Country : Canada

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ragonit il est grand temps de protéger notre planète et la biodiversité qui rétrécie comme peau de chagrin, j'ai peur qu'il soit trop tard, je suis très triste · on 04/11/2017
Zaharah Braybrooke The film is a reminder of everyday life and how we can readily overlook that plants and humans need caring, watering and attention in order to grow. Plants flourish if they receive rain, sun and space to grow. Humans however need further life condition in order to grow. Humans need a mental space so thoughts and ideas in order to have the expansion of minds. Only then we can flourish like the plants. Some plants grow horizontally and some grow vertically. Whichever way, it finds its own space. Can we have the same freedom as plants do?
This movie made me think of the commonality between plants and humans. We need to learn from each other and watch the plants grow. Thank you for the film which provokes my thinking .
· on 03/11/2017
Legua Images magnifiques qui parlent d'elles même et qui laissent sans voix. A retenir cette aventure passionnante du semeur, sa recherche à la fois créative et scientifique en symbiose avec la nature. · on 30/10/2017
monique Très beau film .. à tous points de vue. Ce semeur sait tout faire, homme complet, qui fait et qui rêve, en respectant le rythme de chaque plante qui l'émerveille. C'est ce genre de film qui devrait passer dans nos villes, dans les écoles pour inspirer d'autres "pousses" de semeurs de beauté. · on 29/10/2017
Doralice C'est beau ! Jsuis en amour, merci... · on 29/10/2017
VINCENS Amitiés de la terre, prenez en de la graine ! Tout en délicatesse.
Anais, de Bretagne y ressemble un peu.
· on 28/10/2017
Annie PREUSS Poème, tableau, ode à la nature magique et magnifique Bravo pour ce cadeau! · on 26/10/2017
Annie PREUSS Poème, tableau, ode à la nature magique et magnifique Bravo pour ce cadeau! · on 26/10/2017
Esteban Très belle réalisation, pleine de poésie... Presque hors du temps... Un joli regard et une sensibilité très belle... Inspirant... En laissant parler le faire et la création avant le reste, ce film donne une bouffée d'air frais et montre que chacun, à force d'initiative et de motivation peut révolutionner son propre monde, dans la poésie... · on 26/10/2017
aufort ddier very informative film that opens the real perception of realities, you have to watch all the films in competition you come out grown, thank you Greenpeace · on 25/10/2017
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