Worldw’Ideas for the FUture: the solutions developed today throughout the world to design the future.

Marc, Rémi and Sylvain invite all the travel enthusiasts and the  societal innovation believers to take part of their world wide tour searching for sustainable solutions.

Over 4 continents, they will introduce you to 24 changemakers (social entrepreneurs, NGO, collectivities, citizen movements) that are developing sustainable innovations.

This interactive trip, composed of 24 reports followed by quizzes and a complementary book that will be soon available- will take you in the world of: the Mexican inventor of the solid water that could revolutionized the global agriculture, the organic Indian seeds free of rights, the Balinese corals that regenerate thanks to solar energy, the Eco-designed basque surfboards, the ecotourism in the Senegalese mangrove, the Eco-designed social housing in France, the Peruvian waste collectors converted in business owners, the inventor of the Indian ecological toilets...

Enjoy your trip into the future !