Transgenic Wars


There is a 50-50 chance that the pork chop in our plates comes from an animal fed with GM soya. Why do no breeders, stores or importers of animal feed accept to say something? What are they frightened of? A new food scandal? In the livestock farms of Denmark, hundreds of animals are dying of gastric diseases with unknown causes. There, animals are given 100% GM feed. Some farmers question the GM combination of GM soya and glyphosate herbicide. How has GM agriculture conquered almost the entire planet? The US government has literally served the GM industry, exerting friendly or more vigorous pressure to ensure that GMOs are adopted everywhere. Only France and a few European countries are still resisting somewhat. How long can this resistance hold out? The negotiations on the TTIP-TAFTA could question the precautionary approach and compel us to adopt GMOs. Please note the full version of this film is not available in Switzerland.

Awards : - Festival de Films Pour l’Environnement (FFPE) - Saint-Casimir, Canada : Prix du film étranger et Prix du public - Festival International d’environnement PLANETA.doc - Brésil : Primé dans la catégorie PLANETA.doc International - FICA 2015 : Meilleure oeuvre - Trophée Cora Coralina Festival européen DIG awards 2015 - Riccione, Italie : Mention spéciale/Premio COOP - FIGRA 2015 : Prix de l’investigation SCAM et Prix du Jury jeunes

Director's statement

GMOs started to take over agriculture fifteen years ago. Despite opposition, transgenic agriculture is now commonplace. I wanted to leave behind the laboratory quarrels and go up the entire chain, to understand how GMOs have changed the world and how they succeeded in establishing themselves so implacably.

Why we selected this film

This enlightening report was made to the highest standard in France, Argentina and Denmark. It shows us that in intensive agriculture no thresholds are respected, in terms of health and soil conservation. Animals and humans have been poisoned for years by Monsanto’s famous Roundup, while the company continues to proclaim that its product is harmless. This does not seem to be alarming our governments. The overly-powerful lobbies have created a ticking health timebomb …