Fast Forward


Gilles is a former trader, now a primary school teacher in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.
With his 10-year-old pupils, he looks at the dizzying acceleration of our world.
Fascinated by their thoughts on our lifestyle and concept of time, he decides to film them and then to meet experts in this field.
Why are our societies constantly looking for better growth?
What are the underlying requirements for this acceleration when even these children can demonstrate its limits?

Director's statement

Having long been interested in the question of chasing time, it was when he read the book Acceleration by Hartmut Rosa that Gilles Vernet decided to make a documentary on the subject.
He discovered through this work a philosophical analysis of this phenomenon, which his years working in finance had shown him was absurd.
By sharing his thoughts with his pupils, he was stunned by the wisdom of their responses.
He then decided to film this multicultural class, a symbol of the republican school, which conveys a much more optimistic view than that sometimes depicted in the media.

Why we selected this film

A philosophical film which is a clear criticism of the aberration of our lifestyle and concept of time.
Expert opinions add to these considerations of our own lifestyle and help us to understand this system which pulls us in and carries us along.
Wise, intelligent, fair…the words of these children are touching and meaningful.
They give food for thought and raise awareness of the need to invent new paths, both individually and together.