Grant and Jen go head to head in a comedic competition to live zero waste for an entire year.   This multiple award winning, festival favourite shares moments of humour, struggle, and hope in the cinematic and creatively executed story of a couple who ask the question:  “What can an individual do?”   Described as a combination of An Inconvenient Truth and Super Size Me, The Clean Bin Project features laugh out loud moments, stop motion animations, and captivating interviews with TED lecturers Chris Jordan and Captain Charles Moore.   A fun and inspiring call to environmental action that speaks to crowds of all ages.    

Director's statement

This film started as a personal challenge to live zero waste. We really made it for ourselves as a sort of film journal. But the more we got interested in zero waste, the more we realized that we really wanted to share our story with a wide audience, and film is a perfect way to do that.   There are so many environmental films that have great information but that leave you feeling hopeless... We wanted to make something upbeat and positive to inspire personal action.    

Why this choice?

A very humoristic film about a likeable and dedicated couple that shows each of us how we can make a difference for the environment in our daily lives.   We follow each of the protagonists in their search for “less is more”, in their doubts and frustrations, in their desires and contradictions.   Playful and very enjoyable to watch, it mirrors our own questions and difficulties in staying consistent in our choices of purchases and ecological hopes.