New World


New World is an environmental road movie. The director travelled across France for four years, looking for people and local initiatives which bring hope for a more cohesive society, a better world for his two children. From collective intelligence to circular economy, local currencies to the idea of a basic income, this film is our guide on the discovery of this new world.

Director's statement

As a father of two young children, the director considered their future and the prospects provided by society. Against a backdrop of gloomy rhetoric, frequent pessimism, widespread crisis, he wanted to outline a positive vision, a new outlook to “re-engage” attention to societal development. He decided to focus on promising experiments and initiatives, and to highlight opinions and approaches in place “here and now”.

Why we selected this film

A positive film which gives hope for real change through the many individuals who are uniting and showing their talent, initiative and creativity to make a better world. A breath of fresh air!