Life is a big mystery that we are meant to discover. It’s much larger that anyone wants us to believe.   Following an inner doubt three young men decide to start a journey to explore the infinity large cosmos and the infinity of small particles and energies. Their sailing trip from northern Brazil to Ushuaia in Argentina is also a metaphor for the inner journey they make.   Their intuitive intelligence is slowly awaking due to the different alternative experiences they are undergoing during their life-enhancing trip.    

Director's statement

Our Inner Revolution is a documentary born from the authors’ growing need to align their lives on fundamental values.   As Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher, used to say: “It is not the sign of a healthy mind to be well adjusted to a sick society.” With that premise, given that the exterior chaos is only the reflection of our interior chaos and that society will only change when Mankind’s beliefs will have changed…   Xavier, Romain and Alex have decided to take that step into the unknown where future rimes with present so they could reinvent the meaning of their lives by themselves.      

Why this choice?

Turning upside down the ways of life, thinking and patterns they had always known up to now, Alex and his friends didn’t only leave to travel the world but also to discover their inner selves.   Almost an initiation ritual, this film is as much an existential as it is a physical epic that questions the meaning of life, the best way to go through it and enrich it.   Throughout their travels and encounters with surprising and original characters, their quest for answers ended up completely modifying their vision of our world and our meaningless societies. An invitation to give our lives some meaning back…    


USA - Impact DOCS Award - Prix d’Excellence  - 2016 Jakarta - Film Festival - Prix International du Mérite  - 2016