Banking Nature


Filmed in France, Belgium, the USA, Great Britain, Indonesia, Uganda, Mexico and Brazil, this documentary tells the story of the stranglehold that banking and finance has on the planet’s living resources.
Plants and animals are now converted into banking products and listed on stock exchanges.
A new market is developing: living species are disappearing, and are thereby gaining value.
The environment has become speculative capital. What will the cost be for nature and people?

Please note the full version of this film is not available in  Canada, USA, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, US Virginia Islands and Puerto Rico.

Awards : - Winner of the Expo Milano 2015 Prize (Italia)
- Best Feature Film/Full Length Documentary at the 8th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest 2015 - KLEFF2015 (Malaysia)
- The Award of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences" at the Life Sciences Film Festival à Prague - LSFF 2015 (Czech Republic)
- Grand Prize of the City of Innsbruck 2015 (Austria)
- Best International Feature Award at Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival of Toronto 2015 (Canada)
- Best Short Documentary Golden Sun at the International Environmental Film Festival Barcelona 2016 - FICMA (Spain)
- Special Prize "Emys Foundation" at the International Environmental Film Festival Barcelona 2016 - FICMA (Spain)
- Prix "Greenpeace" au festival du Film Vert de Genève 2016 - FFV (Suisse)
- Prix Planet au International Doc Festival in Brazil

Director's statement

Three years ago, during a conference on the green economy, we found out that in the USA, private institutions, biobanks, were in charge of protecting endangered species.
As we delved deeper into this, we discovered that economists were starting to talk about the financialization of nature, and were even discussing the risks of a new crash if finance became too connected with environmental conservation.

Why we selected this film

Capitalism in the extreme or how cynicism can exceed all limits conceivable to a normally constituted person.
A real slap in the face for nature lovers, this film shows us just how far finance is able to go and why we must strengthen efforts to protect the Earth from such greed.
This taboo subject is a major issue for the future of our planet and its inhabitants.
A spine-chilling documentary…