Breakpoint tells a 200 years story. Two centuries of industrial and economic revolutions, from the times of coal mining to the Big Data era. The story relies on the choices dictated by “progress”, usually accepted with enthusiasm by the people, but mostly decided with a short-term vision or a hidden agenda by the deciders. A story we need to figure out and analyze to be able to change our life styles, according to the climate change major issues.

Director's statement

BREAKPOINT: A COUNTER OF PROGRESS started off with a desire to look at the environmental "crisis" from new perspective, and a reading of "The Shock of the Anthropocene", by Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz. These two researchers offer the first ever construction of a story about the Anthropocene. Thanks to their work, we finally escape an umpteenth account of the current crisis to approach it instead from a global historical perspective. This global tale, which charts the political and industrial processes that propelled humanity into rampant evolution, gives us a chance to decipher the issues which are at stake, and to think differently about the responsibilities of the current situation. If the Anthropocene very probably represents a point of no-return for the human species, this account of the 250 years which make it up is a useful tool to help us understand it. It's a tool to better resist the illusion that some sort of crisis resolution offered by science and technology might exist in this ever increasing growth.

Why we selected this film

An absolutely fascinating documentary which talks us though History and the reasons that have led man to exploit resources and fossil energies, industrial agriculture, agroindustry, as well as the arms and automobile industries. A journey through time and space and a mine of information which helps us understand how we got to this point. A film which makes us wonder about History and the choices made by Humanity.