Agriculture Turnaround


Although industrial agriculture ensures our nutrition and has made vegetables, fruits and meat cheaper, we are becoming increasingly aware of their consequences: the drinking water is contaminated with nitrate, the insects die, the soils leach out. Therefore, not only environmentalists, but also the farmers themselves see that it can’t go on like this. For one year, the film accompanies farmers looking for alternatives to industrial agriculture and asks which role the consumers and the subsidies of the EU play if a turnaround in agriculture is to succeed.

Director's statement

Is it possible to stop the current agricultural system, avoid environmental damage and at the same time produce more food for a growing population? I was skeptical when I started to deal with the question of an agricultural turnaround. So I started the research talking to farmers and scientists. The deeper I got into the topic the more I was shocked and touched by the fact that many farmers are in a hopeless situation. Because currently they often don't have a choice keeping their farms in business and at the same time providing enough outcome for their families. In that situation saving the environment is not an easy option. These farmers would benefit from a different agricultural system. Working on the film was my research for solutions, which include the small-scale agriculture, consumer and environment. Many positive answers are already out there - permaculture or solidarity agriculture are just two of them. I wanted to show that a turnaround in agriculture is possible, when all the forces of politics, consumers and agriculture work together.

Why we selected this film

Looking at the state of agriculture in Europe nowadays, this film shows us that all the solutions are known and that results are encouraging provided one accepts to take certain risks. Taking into consideration the three main pillars – farmers, consumers and politicians – this film summarises the situation thoroughly and calls for a change in paradigm.