Having played a key role in globalization throughout the 90s, Stiglitz is now a vocal critic of the “free-market fundamentalism” of the International Monetary Fund and his former employer, the World Bank.

He offers an alternative path to globalization.

This film paints a picture of Stiglitz's thinking via two journeys.

His own personal journey began in Gary, Indiana. We return to his hometown to understand what shaped his thinking.

And we embark on a global tour, from developing countries like Ecuador and Botswana to newly industrialized powers like India and China.

Along journeys, Joseph Stiglitz, now a vocal critic of the “free-market fundamentalism”

presents globalization as a process that can ultimately be managed to benefit all, without worsening existing inequalities.

Along the way, we discover real-life, human situations – the faces of globalization – and propose solutions for a globalisation that is inherently fair and competitive.

Another world is possible...