The Borneo Case


THE BORNEO CASE tells the story of the destruction of the Borneo rainforest and the hunt for Billions of dollars filtered into offshore accounts and property portfolios around the world. The bitter investigation of the destruction of 90% of Sarawak forest.

Director's statement

Ever since I first travelled to Sarawak to make the Tong Tana Film over a decade ago the lives and fate of Bruno Manser and of the nomadic Penan have held a big place in my heart. To spend time with the Penan, observing their traditions and community and following them as they hunted is something that I will never forget. To then witness them fight for the survival of their tradition and culture in the face of impossible odds was devastating. After following Bruno’s attempts to bring the worlds attention to the destruction – I was amongst the last to see him alive before he disappeared into the jungle for the last time. As a result the making this film for me is a deeply emotional undertaking, but one that I believe is an extremely important step to take.

Why we selected this film

This film follows a group of activists in their fight to expose the corruption of the Malaysian Government where the wood industry in Borneo is concerned. Whilst 90% of the primary forest has already disappeared and a dam project threatens to engulf local villages in the Salawak Province, British journalist Claire Rewcastle – accompanied by indigenous tribe representatives and the director of a Swiss organisation defending indigenous people's rights – is moving heaven and earth to save what remains of the forest. This film is testimony to the meaning of real commitment and activism. A beautiful tribute to those extraordinary whistleblowers who dedicate their life to the defence of the environment.