La Era del buen vivir narrates the story of the Maya today, who, by redefining development on their terms, are building their own solutions for the future.

After 500 years of colonization and a bloody civil war in their recent history, the Maya people are now bearing the brunt of globalisation and mass consumption, limited access to land, depletion of natural resources, destruction of ecosystems and the impacts of global warming.

The suvival of Mayan communities is threatened and their food sovereignty is at risk.

Certain communities, associations or peasants are rising to the challenge by transforming their living conditions and creating local initiatives, which are stamped with the Mayan cultural identity, deeply rooted in its social networks and mindful of harmonious land development, ownership and empowerment: the safeguarding of ancient seed varieties, teaching agroecology and agroforestry based on traditional Mayan practice, collective struggle to access land parcels,...

These concrete alternatives are but an indication of a shifting perspective and an entirely different model of development than that which was previously imposed the West on the natives.