Of worldwide interest, Unbreathable assesses the seriousness of the situation.   The documentary explains very clearly the different types of pollution throughout the world and their sanitary repercussions, notably the lesser-known effects of pesticides, which emit particles that are airborne towards… our cities.   However, all over the world, some cities have taken the matter in their own hands and initiatives multiply to lower the CO2 emissions.    

Director's statement

Our investigation takes us all over the world, in direct contact with this kind of pollution, which spares no one, at various degrees. But the local emergency is quickly becoming a global emergency: the large Chinese cities’ pollution doesn’t stay there, it moves towards the sea, flies over Japan, crosses the Pacific Ocean and ends up on the West Coast of the U.S.   The scientists’ measurements are indisputable: the air pollution is now borderless and also poisons diplomatic relations.   We have to admit, we must stop this pollution very quickly. What to do?

Why this choice?

This film blows the whistle on the air pollution levels that keep getting worse all over the world. More reportage than documentary, this film is rich in information.   A subject not often enough talked about in France and whose dangers on health and the environment are underestimated.   Taking the example of India, it covers the problems the use of fossil fuels creates.