The Danish Red is a rare breed of cattle, and Niels Stokholm, who is approaching 80, has made it his life’s mission to save it, working together with his partner Rita on his biodynamic farm in the Danish countryside.

Filmmaker Phie Ambo follows their lives over the course of an exciting year in which government inspectors regularly visit the farm to point out that Stokholm’s methods for keeping his cattle contravene animal welfare regulations.

He faces substantial fines and perhaps even a shutdown of the business, but Stokholm is a stubborn man. He has no intention of changing his methods, which are part and parcel of his outlook on life and the influence of the cosmos.

A businessman from the city, however, does appreciate Stokholm’s philosophy and wants to associate several hip restaurants with the farm – it would mean some welcome additional income for Stokholm.

Ambo documents the calm rhythm of farm life, Stokholm’s musings and the visits by inspectors and supporters alike.

Occasionally, the tempo slows even further, becoming a lyrical visual poem accompanied by sacred music that brings Stokholm’s mystical ideas to life.