The hope of our future  is a documentary relating the story of a 17-year old teenager who is asking himself questions about the world. Through about 15 interviews, this boy builds his own opinion about agriculture. He discovers the inherent difficulties of the farming world.   However, instead of pointing out what doesn’t work, he prefers to show what goes well, alternatives that – according to the people interviewed—offer solutions to the agricultural systems of today. Each person, although coming from different professional backgrounds, brings their experience and knowledge to the table to answer the following question: “Can so-called alternative farming methods be really able to feed humanity in a sustainable way?”   This film with a decidedly local choice of protagonists, puts forward people we meet daily and yet we know nothing of the beautiful things they accomplish. It happens just as the farming world is hit the hardest by economic and environmental problems. Consequently, it wants to propagate solutions to limit future damage as much as it can.  

Director's statement

On August 8, 2016, humanity has consumed its natural resources, according to the American NGO Global Footprint Network: “We are headed for disaster”.   All the news I hear day in and day out tells me my future is at stake. I’m only 18 and I’m wondering what tomorrow will be made of. However, when I look around me I still believe there is hope. It’s not necessary to go thousands of miles to find out that multiple initiatives exist and that change is in front of my door. Don’t focus on what’s not working but on what is. That’s the dynamic of the film The hope of our future, my first film, which I produced, directed and edited at the age of 17.   Since the age of 12, I have loved gardening and am shocked by the farming model of today. So, I watched many documentaries that left me with more questions than answers. I decided to take my bike and go and meet my neighbors to seek answers. The people I met not only gave me lots of answers but also inspired me with the kind of energy I wanted to share with my friends and more broadly with people who, like me, wish to act but don’t know where to start.   This first film is geared towards anyone but also and mostly towards every young person like me, because we are the ones building our future and the future of the next generations.    

Why this choice?

The fresh and cutely naïve approach of a very young man who finds out the problems and solutions in our agriculture.   A very complete overview of the subject and remarkable directing for a 17-year old kid who directed and edited the film all by himself. Documentaries’ future is in good hands!