In the middle of the economic crisis in Wall Street’s shadow, there is an institution representing another growing American tradition.   It is the food cooperative of Park Slope, a self-administered supermarket where 16,000 members work 3 hours a month to get the right to purchase the best food products in the city of New York, at record low prices.   Please note the full version of this film is not available in the following countries : USA/Canada/Spain/Italy

Director's statement

I have long-time friends in Brooklyn who are members of the Park Slope Food Coop and once when I was visiting, they took me there.   There is a very energetic feel at the Coop but not commercial at all. I thought it would be a good idea to make a documentary on this “phenomenon”, because it is really a phenomenon.   When you encounter a cooperative like this, you realize how much we are used to being attacked by marketing every time we go shopping at regular stores. At the Coop there is literally no marketing.   I don’t believe it’s a different ambiance; it’s just a natural one they’ve developed because all the commercial and capitalistic aspects have been removed. We are just not used to that anymore.    

Why this choice?

An inside look at a humane and friendly supermarket, unlike any other…   Free of any financial profit seeking purpose, we discover a small community, based on crowd funding, creativity, diversity, common good, ethics, collaboration, conviction, where everyone does his part with the desire to change the world, starting with ways to consume, buy and feed oneself.   A fresh, inspiring approach and a wonderful example to show there are constructive, original alternatives that work, where people find new social links and the desire to share.   This film makes you feel like getting in gear and open the same type of store near you!