From Paris to Pittsburgh


PARIS TO PITTSBURGH brings to life the impassioned efforts of individuals who are battling the most severe threats of climate change in their own backyards. Set against the national debate over the United States’ energy future — and the Trump administration's explosive decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement — the film captures what's at stake for communities around the country -- and the inspiring ways Americans are responding.

Director's statement

Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and former Mayor of New York City, said:  “With Washington asleep at the switch, local governments, states, businesses, and citizens from across the political spectrum are taking steps to tackle climate change and build a bright future for our country. This film tells their stories – and it drives home the message that fighting climate change makes our economy stronger, creates jobs, and saves lives by cleaning the air we breathe. We need more leadership from Washington on climate change, but Americans aren’t waiting around for it.”

Why we selected this film

This film shows the excellent example of communities and towns that are acting and working towards a 100% sustainable energy future. After President Trump decided that the USA would pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, several states and cities in the US decided to resist and react. Whilst creating jobs, this film also shows how the political courage of certain locally elected officials can generate positive outcomes. A very real popular movement is stirring the country in favour of a fight against climate change, against decisions taken at the highest levels of federal power. A real example of positive civil disobedience!