For some years now, climate sceptics have been questioning the reality of global war- ming. These movements are financed by large industrial groups who significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and who have set up scientific research teams, think-tanks and lobbying groups to defend their theories. How do they spread their fallacious theories from one coast of the Atlantic to the other? Who supports them and why?   In the United States, London, Paris or Brussels, a battle for influence pits these merchants of doubt to international organizations (UN, European Parliament, etc.)   How did a few researchers manage to sow the seeds of incertitude?   This is the climate war we will be telling you about.      

Director's statement

The purpose of this documentary is not to persuade that climate change is manmade. We first want to address another reality: denial.   In psychoanalysis, denial is a mechanism that consists in denying a traumatic reality. So, those who don’t want to see the reality of how we mistreat our planet protect themselves by inventing other explanations or minimizing its importance. But, depending on the position people take, the reasons for this denial vary greatly. For some, such as the industrial lobbyists, defending their private interests is more than obvious. For others, such as renowned intellectuals, their motivations seem at first obscure and answer to more complex motives. But, whatever the origin or the person in denial, our job is to decrypt the functioning –no matter how subtle it may often seem – as it appears to obey no laws of rationality.


Why this choice?

This is a good explanation about the movement and most importantly one that puts forward activists who spend their lives trying to save the planet.   We discover growing citizen movements that gather more and more people who chose to get involved in the future of the planet and of the human race.   An inspiration to get involved…