Secret of the Oceans : Climate Control


This film explores the deep ties that unite the climate, the ocean and people.
By going to meet those who live at the rate of the oceans, we hear from fishermen, sea nomads, ice meteorologists and marine scientists, the genuine sentinels of climatic upheavals, as the Climate Conference was being held in Paris.
Each person, at their own level, reveals the role of oceans in the climate system.
Yet danger is brewing. The proliferation of carbon dioxide causes changes which appear irreversible, and yet this body of water which covers two thirds of the planet is reacting.
Could the ocean, where life began, save us from a disaster in the making?

Awards : - FILMAR 2016, France : Prix de la Meilleure Image
- Blue Ocean Film Festival 2016 , Saint Petersburg USA : Honourable mention

Director's statement

For a long time, discussions on climate change did not consider the ocean although it is one of the Earth’s main “lungs” …
It is time to take action before it is too late.
I wanted to make this film to demonstrate the key role that oceans play in regulating the major climate balances.

Why we selected this film

Beautiful pictures, breath-taking landscapes and a journey to the furthest reaches of the oceans are used to present the people and lifestyles which are already suffering from global warming.
Touching, disorienting and captivating, this film takes us to Indonesia, Russia and Peru to meet endearing people, witnesses and victims of the disasters awaiting us all if we do not take action to protect the climate.
This stunning beauty is not the only thing that runs the risk of disappearing… we do too.