Going Sideways


GOING SIDEWAYS is an 81-minute documentary movie, filmed with a cinematic aesthetics, poetry, emotions, and life stories... A film that reveals our power, in allowing our actions to make the hopes buried in each of us to blossom. Ecological disaster, alarming scientific studies, economy crisis ... Through the crossing paths of 6 people from the Monts du Lyonnais, the film strolls between the stories we are used to and those we tell ourselves. Yohan, Mark, Marie-Claire, Christian, Bob and Pickro (the Cedrics) take us on their paths of life and through their eyes, we explore themes such as seeding, civic disobedience and organic farming. Through simple and accessible testimonies GOING SIDEWAYS depicts a rural experience where joy mingles with revolt to result in an inspired and inspiring response against our certainties.

Awards :

  • Prix du public at Festival de la Biolle en 2018
  • Trophée d’argent at Green awards de Deauville

Director's statement

I do not remember a specific moment when these questions came to me... It seems to me that they appeared gradually. Blurry at the beginning and more and more precise, they proved to be unavoidable over time until they took over a large part of my thoughts: this way of living, thinking, consuming in this century, is it one that suits me ... that suits us? Are there alternatives to this quest for happiness, essentially built on values of wealth, competitiveness and expansion...? Are these the values I want to pass on to my children? Parallel to this blossoming reflection, I had moved close to cultivated lands where ecological practices were a priority. Little by little and through different encounters, I started uncovering  answers to my questions...

Why we selected this film

Engaging, committed and inspirational characters who show us, through the path they chose, that new agricultural models are possible. Their lifestyle choices and the commitment they show toward their approach to agriculture make us think about our own patterns of consumption and ask ourselves what we would like to see in our plates! A film filled with hope!