Ground for hope


As the agricultural industry is in the midst of crisis, each year an increasing number of French people decide to change their lifestyles and become farmers. To give meaning to their work, they leave their urban comforts behind to learn how to live off the land. Attracted by agricultural methods which respect life, these new farmers are joining the ranks of established farmers who are also questioning their work. In a shift away from the productivity-focused industrial practices they have learned, major cereal farmers, wine-growers and dairy farmers are changing tack to reconnect with nature and bring a passion back to their profession. Other farmers choose to set up collectives to pool their workforce and equipment while others decide to become shepherds in city centres. Each person is reinventing the concept of farming and exploring… the ground for hope.

Awards : Deauville Green Awards 2018

Director's statement

I drove off in my van up and down the French countryside to find out what was happening in this resurgent agricultural sector. From farm to farm, I used my journalistic rigour and the questions of a mother and citizen to consider the future of our food and of those who produce it.

Why we selected this film

A beautiful documentary on the farming profession, as it should have continued with science and knowledge behind it. Far from wanting to produce more and more, these men and women are prime examples of this new model of farmers who do not see the land as a mere medium for crops to grow but as a living ecosystem to be protected and maintained. They all show us that it is possible to reconnect with nature and practice agriculture that respects the land and the consumer, while producing enough to live on. The film invites us to meet amazing people and makes us want to embark on the adventure too!