Family farming employs over 40% of the global working population and produces 80% of the global food supply. In Europe, America, Africa ou Asia, family farming is all around us and is composed by a great diversity of farming systems.   The film aims to show that diversity, and to define what family farming is and is not. The spectator will travel in several countries: in Ecuador, India, Cameroon, France and Canada. Throughout interviews of farmers, reseachers and students, the spectator will discover the diversity and the reality of family farmin,g which feed the world. This trip is also about family farming and employment, food safety and environnement.   This film aims to answer to this question : under which conditions can family farmers meet the challenges of tomorrow?  


Director's statement

The project began in 2014 in the agronomic school of Montpellier. The idea was to describe the diversity of family farming in the world throughout our internships.   The goal changed with the International Year of Family Farming, we wanted to answer to this question : what exaclty is family farming and under which conditions can family farmers meet the challenges of tomorrow?   In the end, we tried to describe more precisely peasant agriculture.  


Why this choice?

This film, directed by a group of students, is a mine of information that has us travel and shows us all the diversity of family farms throughout the world.   This overview is an invitation to a change of scenery that begs questions and makes you think about jobs, food safety and the environment…