Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping


Freightened is a thrilling investigation carried out around the globe which takes us behind the scenes of the sea shipping business. 90% of everything we consume today comes from overseas.  Freightened reveals the mechanics and perils of a powerful, secret and highly unregulated industry that holds the key to our global economy, our environment and the very model of our civilization. A truly stunning, thought-provoking and eye-opening docu-thriller!

Awards :

  • Grand Prix at Water, Sea and Oceans International Film Festival, 2017
  • Audience Silver Tree Award at South African Eco Film Festival, 2017
  • Tournesol du Documentaire vert Award at Festival du Film Vert, 2017
  • Best Film at Another Way Film Festival, 2016
  • Grand Prix Ecrans Publics, 2015
  • Golden Green Award at Deauville Awards, 2016
  • Finalist at Dig Awards, 2016

Director's statement

The idea of making a film about sea shipping came to me after investigating – by curiosity – where the clothes I was wearing really came from. After several months, Internet searches and phone interviews, I discovered what’s really behind the “made in”-label on the products we take for granted: Shipping pollutes much more than is generally assumed (1 ship pollutes as much as 50 million cars), the monopoly of sea shipment and with that the entire world industry is dominated by a handful of magnates (of which more than one is involved in shady businesses) and flags of convenience make it possible for big companies to employ seamen that work in slave-like labor conditions. All these mind blowing facts made me passionate about the unknown – often obscure - world of cargo shipping and its hegemonic role in our lives. As all-embracing and of crucial importance as the topic might be, there seemed to be no documentaries made that show in a clear and impacting way how the shipping industry affects every facets of the lives of almost everybody on this planet. I hope this film helps to shed some light on this part of our globalized society and inspires a change in our habits as consumers, to turn the tide and create a more sustainable development scheme, whether you live in the East, the West, the North or the South”

Why we selected this film

An excellent enquiry that leaves one speechless regarding one of the worst industries in the world: maritime transport. Violation of labour rights, sound and atmosphere pollution, tax evasion, weapons transportation, funding of conflicts: every possible scandal is tackled here. However, the maritime industry concerns us all since most products we consume are shipped in containers from the other side of the planet. It is high time that these practices be denounced because nowadays there are technical solutions to address them.