On their way home by bike through a deserted industrial area, a mother and her son starts to talk about what happened when our dream of eternal economic growth collided with the peak, and following decline in global oil production. In a plausible picture of the near future, our children make us accountable for today's unsustainable way of living.

Why this film ?

The title of the film ”00-Baby Boom Child” refers to the children of the huge generation born since 2000, like my own, 1 and 7 years old today.

The topic of this film is quite difficult to speak out about – rich countries extreme dependance of fossil fuel, not only for transportation of people and goods and for production of food and stuff globaly, but sadly we have built our economic growth based system on the asumption that fossil fuel will last forever (and the asumption that that it will be easy to find and cheap to prospect.)

Unfortunately, as early as 2015 it is estimated that the total world oil production has steadily begun to decline. Yet there is surprisingly little debate over the fact that we have built ourselves into a society that demands the opposite, ie, increasing assets, not to collapse.


So, a heavy energy driven crisis is on it’s way, affecting a lot of todays society. I would also like to add that there is a wonderful global grassroot network called TRANSITION NETWORK, that deals with this issues.

We came across the subject of Peak Oil for the first time by chance, when we saw a discussion on TV in 2005 arranged by The Commission for Swedish Oil Independence. Soon we realized that peak oil was not something that was going to happen in the far-off future, it is happening right now. To make this film was a way for us to study and find out more of the near future. The facts in the conversation are accurately reviewed by a Swedish professor in economy.

When we had our first version of the script for 00-Baby Boom Child, the consultant of shorts at the Swedish Film Institute asked us to rewrite it. She thought it was too much like an educational film, and they do not support that by their guidelines. So we figured a long time how to proceed without giving up our aim; not to get lost in a fictionary drama on the theme at the expense of the facts that we absolutely wanted to deliver.

Our conclusion working on this film is that enviromental issues will not be dealt with in a serious way and energy crisis will not be handled effectively, until we totally rethink and reconstruct todays' totally unsustainable economic sytem, based on perpetual growth and increasing dept.