Starting with her group of community farming, the film director joined a dynamic network that took her from Brussels to Zagreb, to encounter a booming movement: the CSA (Community- supported Agriculture).   In reconnecting to the land, the growers and the consumers set up a new alternative way of consuming local, respectful of the growing seasons.   Through food, something that touches everyone, the CSA experiment puts humans back in the middle of exchanges.   Can we become players of change?

Director's statement

Each one of my films is born from the need to testify of an exceptional personal experience, that questions our identities and our utopias.   Another Way (with vegetables) was built around my personal commitment inside a movement of which I’m still discovering the many aspects and the powerful spirit.   Citizen movements such as CSAs are built upon the combined needs for change each of us has and the awareness that we can act towards a societal transition, each at our own level.      

Why this choice ?

A film that shows the cooperation and the collaboration between farmers and consumers to develop another way to consume and push for human-size farming, locally.   This is a nice example of daily action with a basket and paper ballot for weapons.