Amazonia: The Awakening of Florestania


Brazil is the name of a tree and the Amazon Forest is our most precious jewel. The documentary discusses how the environment has been treated since the beginning of the twenty century bringing together the rescue of historical characters and the testimony of representatives of the most diverse segments, such as indigenous people, ambientalists, representatives of the third sector, journalists, artists,  intellectuals, and others who have been fighting to preserve this legacy. With this we intend to show how Florestania (a word that synthesizes the concept of citizenship and forest rights) is the genetic code of our identity.

Director's statement

This movie is born of the urgent question: is there nothing we can do to save the Amazon Forest? As an actress and environmentalist for over thirty years, I have been meeting simple and wise forest people, beautiful and mysterious landscapes, birds and animals of indescribable beauty and, most of all, finding the certainty that this is also me. The certainty that the Amazon Forest does not only make me Brazilian as an indivisible part of the planet. Without her, I am not. Upon hearing my astonishment and indignation at the progressive destruction of the forest, my dear friend and filmmaker Miguel Przewodowski was moved and also engaged in the struggle. And so, we witness together for the future our unconditional love for our common home – the Earth.

Why we selected this film

Whilst revealing the Brazilian point of view and the challenges surrounding the Amazonian Forest from a local point of view, this film shows the complexity of managing and protecting such a vast territory: the fluctuating government policies; internal fights between politicians, activists and the agribusiness industry stakeholders; economic and electoral stakes; the presence of native peoples who feel closely connected to the forest. This is a fascinating but intense film. Not recommended for a young audience who could find it difficult to follow.