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Pourquoi ce festival de film ?

The Greenpeace Film Festival is a 100% online documentary film festival about the environment, aiming to sensitize the public to the environmental stakes and promote positive initiatives.

Because information is the indispensible prerequisite for action, it is crucial to show how far the threats on the planet spread in every area (climate, biodiversity, agriculture, etc.) But it is just as important to bring hope by showing positive examples of solutions or civic initiatives that help things progress everywhere in the world and to remind us that many challenges remain.

The festival, beyond the awareness proposed through the different approaches these documentaries take, is also a tool to sensitize people to ecology and reasoned consumption: it offers each one of us simple ideas that we can all put into practice to change behaviors, adopt habits that are more respectful of the planet or even support Greenpeace or other organizations’ campaigns that work hard to protect the environment.

Where did the idea come from?

 The Greenpeace Film Festival is the continuation of the Green Up Film Festival, which was created in 2012 by the Belgian organization Wake Up. This festival was the first 100% online environmental documentary festival.

Interactive as it involved the public in its programming, the festival was met with a promising success in its first 3 years of existence: it received more than a total of 80,000 visits!

In 2017, Greenpeace France took the reins of the Green Up Festival for its 4th edition.

The Greenpeace Film Festival was born!

A participatory and exclusively online festival

The Greenpeace festival takes place online only and the public creates the programming. Completely virtual, available from most countries in English and French, this festival is made by and for the Internet users.

The documentaries are organized in seven categories:

Greenpeace has selected 28 films from different countries; four per category and you choose the seven movies that will be part of the final selection!


The Festival is organized in partnership with Reporterre, the environmental media website.




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