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Promoting ecological agriculture, fighting deforestation, protecting our oceans, ending our nuclear energy dependency, saving our climate… Our areas of action are many!


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You wish to get involved in a meaningful way? Join one of our 29 local Groups, located all over France.

In becoming an activist, you participate in a meaningful way for the protection of the environment and your local actions help with our international fights.
You sensitize the public, contact the local media, talk to your elected officials, you direct inquiries and investigations, organize public demonstrations, etc. You carry our fights under the Greenpeace banner and represent its values: non-violence and political and financial independence.


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Greenpeace is exclusively financed through the contributions of individuals. We refuse money from public organizations as well as corporations so we can keep our freedom of speech, tone and action.


Each donation, whether it is made on a regular basis through automatic bank withdrawal, or a one-time gift, means a membership in Greenpeace France. So our members are those who financially support our independence and our missions..


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Greenpeace is present on every continent, in about forty countries.

Do not hesitate to contact the closest one to you!


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